Youth killed for money: Khliehriat

Khliehriat,April 18: Ladrymbai police today found dead body of one unidentified person from Ladrymbai Dongwah, aged around 23 t0 25 years

During day time, youth aged 17 from Moosiaw Vilage, West Jaintia Hills District surrendered himself to the police of Ladrymbai O.P and confessed his involvement in the crime.
According to the surrendered youth,he said that he was the one who looked after the breakdown truck in Ladrymbai dongwah during night hours and forced the driver of the truck to open the door by force, after which he use to demand money and  loot the belongings. 
The investigation is on till fling of this report according to the police.
The police also,urged the relatives of the deceased person to come forward and take away the dead body from the morgue from khliehriat CHC.

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