Will undo the border agreement if voted to power, says Dr. Mukul Sangma

Shillong, Jul 12: The TMC Meghalaya’s intensive membership drive across the Garo hills is an initiation for new promises.

On Tuesday at Rongjeng, East Garo Hills, the Meghalaya Pradesh Trinamool Congress organised a party joining meeting in presence of the TMC Parliamentary leader Dr. Mukul Sangma along with several TMC Meghalaya party leaders
During his address to the audience, the former CM criticised the divisive intentions of the proxy BJP government and the deplorable misgovernance taking place in the state. In lieu with his previous stance, Dr. Sangma strongly condemned the state government’s reluctance to hold on to its own rightful territory.

During his address, he said, “We have substantiated our claim over these areas of differences with valid documents and revenue records. Alongwith revenue records, various maps dating back to the British era) have been submitted. So, who gave the right to the MDA government to divide Meghalaya?”

Condemning the recent atrocities against the people from areas of differences, Dr. Sangma said, “They are pressurising the affected people to surrender and give up their assertiveness to fight. This attempt by both the governments to suppress people is condemnable. They cannot engage in atrocities against our people.”

De-prioritising the political warfare between the two governments over the land ownership, Dr. Sangma instead empathised with the sentiment of the residents of the disputed area.

He stated, “Whatever discussions have taken place between the two governments is not in sync with the expected line of agreement. Whatever has been decided in the bilateral discussion and the subsequent agreement, it is not acceptable to the people of the state. When people are not accepting this, then why is it imposed upon our people? It is incumbent as politicians and member of the party to defend our people. Therefore, we stand committed to see that it is undone if we are voted to power.”

Besides the border issue, Dr. Mukul Sangma also commented on the injustice against the SSA and MTET teachers. Attended by 1500+ people, TMC’s pro-people outlook is strengthening the arms of TMC in Meghalaya everyday.