Warjri clan strengthens units at Pyndeng Nongbri and Manai

Warjri clan strengthens units at Pyndeng Nongbri and Manai

Shillong, Jun 13: After the prolonged impasse due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the normal situation was almost restored in recent times, as activities resumed as usual.

The Warjri clan organisation (Seng Kur Warjri) is contemplating strengthening the unit of the organisations at Pyndeng Nongbri and Manai in the run-up to the general convention of the clan at Sohryngkham slated to be held this year-end.

On May 28 the Pyndeng Nongbri unit was endorsed confirmation of it’s office bearers, with Marbelstar Warjri as President, Pynshailang Warjri as Secretary, Boksing Warjri and Tairos Warjri as Vice Presidents, Burnet Warjri, Asst Secretary, Martidoris Warjri, Finance Secretary), Dady Warjri, Treasurer, Maktursing Warjri, Publicity Secretary, Davidunderson Warjr, Asst Publicity Secretary, Pailen Warjri and Wantar Warjri as advisers, including twenty-two executive members.

On this day, the unit felicitated the meritorious students from the area which stood first division in SSLC and HSSLC Examination 2021.

On June 10 another unit at Manai village was confirmed with Korman Warjri as President, Ribesstar Warjri as Secretary, Phlarsing Warjri as Vice President, Habanjop Warjri as Asst Secretary, Mobina Warjri, Finance Secretary, Bitaris Warjri, Treasurer, Koting Warjri and Phesting Warjri as Advisers, Bankitbok Warjri and Khraw Warjri as Auditors, beside twenty-five other executive members.

The eldest members of the clan from the unit were felicitated and presented with gifts.

The confirmation ceremony was conducted by Sunshine Warjri and speeches were delivered by George Warjri, Acting President, Kyrsoibor Warjri, Vice President, Barkos Warjri, clan elder and former Chief Secretary of Meghalaya.