VPP asks people to avoid creation of SMGs in the name of the party

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SHILLONG, APR 18: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) on Tuesday urged people to avoid creation of social media groups (SMGs) in the  name of the party without the permission from the office of the party.

In a statement, VPP spokesperson Dr Batskhem Myrboh said the party expressed its happiness for the growing support of the people who in the last few months a few have become enthusiastic to create different social media groups including WhatsApp groups using the name of the Party in one way or the other.

“However, it is strongly advised to avoid the creation of any social media group in the name of the Party without the permission from the Office of the Party,” he said.

He also said this advisory is issued in view of two reasons: first is the necessity to maintain strict discipline within the Party and second is to pre-empt the efforts of any anti-party element from creating confusion and division within the party and also to malign the image of the Party.

“It is strongly expected that such unofficial social media groups, if there are any, should be deleted and no new group should be created,” the party spokesperson said while adding that the party shall not take responsibility for any untoward incident arising from such unofficial groups.

“It is expected that the decision of the party is respected,” he added.

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