UDP meeting in Khliehriat

Khliehriat, April 17: UDP meeting was held on Sunday.During the meet  Bindo Lanong, Said that changes is needed to bring out and to bring the change is to change the government,so hard work is required for a destination.
He also stated  that Dr.Mukul is one of the great corrupted person and create problem to the state.
Mr. Kyrmen Shylla,said that when the UDP comes in power,it is believed that people in the state will get a chance to do mining.Speking about he demand of government college in EJHD Kyrmen Shylla said that,this can be done only through UDP as it is a regional party who understand better the need of the people.
He further requested the leaders of UDP to give him a ticket from UDP so that if the party comes in power he can do better for the welfare of the people.
The leaders who represented in the meeting were Mr.Donkupar Roy, Moonlight Pariat,President UDP Jowai Circle,Micheal Saio,Mr.Mihsalan Suchiang and others.
Further,on that day the newly elected members were sworned including,MrWelcome Dkhar,Chief Adviser,Mr.Kor Sympli,Advisor,Mr.Fineliness Bareh,president,Mr.Drowell Lapasam,Vice President,Mr.Radius Lapasam,Secretary,Mr. Wilson Taring,Assistant Secreatry,Mr.Skhemmon Rymbai,Treasurer and others.

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