UDP expresses confident to form EC in KHADC

Shillong, Jan 23: The United Democratic Party (UDP) has expressed confidence to form the new the executive committee of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) as it claims that the chief executive member (CEM) can also be dismissed outside the floor of the House.

“We are very confident that we are having more number this time so that we can form the EC in the district council,” general secretary of the party Jemino Mawthoh told reporters after the meeting of the central executive committee here on Thursday.

Stating that the present situation in the KHADC is very unfortunate, Mawthoh however said the party is waiting for a positive response as something is going to come up may be by today or tomorrow.

“A communication has been made to the Governor and we hope that it will be positive and that the administrator’s rule will come in the KHADC to pave way for holding the special session of the district council,” he said.

The UDP-led United Democratic Alliance (UDA) had recently urged the state government for holding a special session in order to prove that it is having majority in the House of 29.

The UDA is presently claiming to have the support of 16 members while the United Democratic Front (UDF) backed by the Congress has reduced its strength to 12 members minus the Chairman of the KHADC.

The KHADC is without a executive committee for the past three months since the list of EMs submitted by the CEM Latiplang Kharkongor is yet to get the approval of the Governor.

When asked, the chief adviser of the party, Bindo M Lanong said although the CEM has been elected in the floor of the House but the CEM can be pushed aside or dismissed even if it is not in the floor of the House.

“When there is a No-confidence motion being tabled then of course that is the open and democratic process that the CEM may be defeated in the floor of the House also. Therefore, it is not only that the CEM or the government is defeated in the floor of the House, they can also be defeated outside when they loses the majority,” Lanong, also a nominated member of the district council, said.

He said as of now, the UDF no longer have the command over the majority as two of its members have already joined and supported the UDA.

To a question, Lanong said the shifting of allegiance by elected representatives has also happened in the parliament and state assemblies but fortunately the 10th Schedule came in 1985.

Now the amendment of the Sixth Schedule is also on where a similar provisions of the 10th Schedule will be extended in the district council also, he said adding this was also one of the main points taken up by the party with the parliamentary standing committee on home affairs during its visit to the state recently.

“Whether you trust or you don’t trust, let the special session be convened as we have requested the governor in view of the situation and in view of the development that has taken place,”Lanong added.

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