TMC writes to Prime Minister Modi for independent probe into smart meter project

Shillong, Aug 18: Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma on Thursday has said that he has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the whole process of implementation of the Smart Meters needs to be independently investigated either through an SIT or CBI.

“Since the Prime Minister has promised all of us to ensure zero tolerance against corruption, I have decided to write a letter urging him to implement an investigation on the alleged corruption in the power sector in Meghalaya under the MDA Government,” he said.

The leader of opposition also said that specific terms of reference to determine the alleged irregularities in both the Saubhagya Scheme as well as the price discrepancies in the Smart Meters are missing in the notification of the Enquiry Commission.

“Therefore, I term this exercise as a mere eyewash. It is skillfully scripted with the modus operandi of fooling the people,” Sangma said.

On the smart meter implementation, the MDA government has chosen to act as an accused and not as an action-taker. Shockingly, the government behaves as an accused whenever an irregularity crops up concerning the implementation of public funds.

He also said that to investigate the discrepancies in the price of the implemented meters with their available market price, a commission of enquiry had been ordered.

According to Sangma a report has been submitted to the government which has not been made public yet.

“There should be a strong deterrence in the state to the repetition of irregularities affecting fiscal and socio-political health. Under the MDA Government, public resources are being spent without any accountability. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure a front of strong deterrence,” the leader of the opposition said.