TMC pledges to make Meghalaya number one state in the country: AITC GS

SHILLONG, FEB 18: Urging the people to vote to preserve Meghalaya’s diversity and unity and teach the corrupt MDA government a lesson, All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Saturday pledged that if voted to power, TMC would ensure that Meghalaya emerges as the number one state in the country.


Culminating his stupendous four-day visit to the state, Abhishek on Saturday interacted with the massive crowds that had gathered in Mylliem to strengthen Meghalaya TMC’s hand in the upcoming Assembly elections on February 27.


“This is our word to you that we will make Meghalaya top the charts in every social indicator – be it healthcare, education, or infrastructure. We will ensure that Meghalaya emerges as number one [state] in the country in the days to come. I will be in Shillong on March 2 to celebrate the change and our victory with each one of you,” he said while addressing a meeting at the Umlyngka ground in Mylliem.


The event was attended by Meghalaya State In-Charge Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhunia, Meghalaya TMC State President Charles Pyngrope, Meghalaya TMC Vice-President James Lyngdoh, and Meghalaya TMC candidate from Mylliem Gilbert Guidingstar Laloo.


Celebrating the linguistic diversity and the richness of culture in Meghalaya, the AITC national general secretary assured the people that he would speak to them in their language soon.


“Every time we speak in our local language, we should be proud of it. Now that Trinamool is standing with you shoulder-to-shoulder in this fight, I will walk that extra mile to learn the local language. Next time when I come to Mylliem, I will talk to you in your language,” Abhishek said.


Pledging to raise the people’s voices and work for their hopes and aspirations, the AITC National General Secretary said, “In the last five years, have you ever seen your Chief Minister raising his voice for the people and this soil, for the inclusion of Khasi and Garo languages? When Meghalaya TMC forms a government in Meghalaya, we will do whatever it takes and fight till the last drop of our blood and make sure that the Khasi and Garo languages are included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.”


In the past four days, Abhishek Banerjee has interacted with thousands of supporters during his historic public meetings in different corners of the state including South Tura, Ampati, Williamnagar, Shillong, and Mylliem. The mega successful campaign in various corners of the state indicates the change that will be delivered on March 2.


Abhishek has further motivated the party cadre in the ongoing fight for Meghalaya’s development that can only be ensured by defeating the corrupt MDA alliance. From sounding the trumpet of triumph in CM Conrad Sangma’s constituency South Tura on Wednesday to traversing across the state in the next few days, the party’s star campaigner exposed the corrupt NPP-BJP government at every meeting.


Expressing his gratitude to the people for their outstanding support of the revolutionary MYE Card and WE Card Schemes which have received over 8 lakh registrations so far, Abhishek said, “Once Meghalaya TMC comes to power, within one month, the women who have registered for the WE Card Scheme will have Rs 1,000 deposited in their accounts per month (Rs 12,000 annually). The MYE Card scheme will be implemented in the same way and unemployed youth, who registered for the scheme, will get Rs 1,000 per month (Rs 12,000 annually) in their bank accounts. Other parties talk about women empowerment and youth empowerment, but Trinamool Congress is the only party that walks the talk.”


Reiterating TMC’s 10 Pledges For Meghalaya enlisted in the party manifesto released on January 24, he said, “I give you my word, that after Trinamool Congress forms the government in Meghalaya, all the 10 Pledges will be kept and fulfilled. We will try to implement the three pledges to the best of our abilities within three months…We are not doing you any favour as this is your right but you have been deprived of it for the past five years.”


Elaborating on the unique connection between Meghalaya and Trinamool Congress’s election symbol, Abhishek Banerjee said, “Our symbol is a twin flower with three petals. Like we have three petals in the flowers, Meghalaya has three Hills that unite the state – Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia. All three Hills have to come in unison for the holistic development of the state.”


“Trinamool believes in unity, diversity, and communal harmony…T stands for Trust, M stands for Mukul, and C stands for Charles. If you want to defeat the BJP and NPP, you have to trust TMC, and you have to Trust Mukul and Charles,” he said, adding that the other parties have squandered the chance given to them by the people.


Tearing into the hollow claims of development by the NPP-led MDA government, Abhishek said, “Their integrity and sense of duty has gone down the drain. They boast and brag about running a double-engine government with the BJP’s help and support at the Centre but it pains my heart to see the roads in dilapidated condition and poor infrastructure everywhere…Meghalaya is the only state in India that does not have any medical college. It pains me to see that Shillong Medical College exists only on paper and the future of the Tura medical college is in the doldrums.”


Abhishek also slammed Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for failing to protect the people of Meghalaya and take a stand for them in the past five years.


“Five innocent civilians and farmers were killed in Mukroh. Poor farmers, returning after work from paddy fields, were labeled as timber smugglers. Do you really need a CM who doesn’t have the spine and courage to stand for the people of his own state?” he asked the people.



Moved by the support showered by the people of the state, Meghalaya TMC State President Charles Pyngrope on Saturday vowed to stand by the people.


“TMC has always stood up for the rights of our people. When we went to Delhi to, fight in front of the Parliament and demand inclusion of the Khasi and Garo languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, it was the TMC that supported us through our MPs,” he said.


Slamming the MDA government on their utter failure to provide the teachers of Meghalaya their rightful dues, Meghalaya TMC candidate from Mylliem Gilbert Laloo said, “The teachers had to protest to get their due rights. The MDA government did not even bother to look into the issue or solve their grievances. The future of our youth is at stake. The parents of our younger generation should vote carefully on February 27 as the next five years depend on their decision. We demand employment and prosperity in Meghalaya.”




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