Tanbor Swer, Daminot J Wankhar and Adlyne Khonglam honoured with Excellence Awards

Tanbor Swer, Daminot J Wankhar and Adlyne Khonglam honoured with Excellence Awards

Shillong, July 16: Three unsung heroes of the State were honoured at an Award Ceremony jointly hosted by Anuprerona, Riti Academy and Media Plus at Soso Tham Auditorium, State Central Library, Shillong on 15 July, 2023, including eight recipients from Assam. The award ceremony was graced by Mr Paul Lyngdoh, Minister, Arts and Culture and Tourism, as chief guest, while Mr Frederick Roy Kharkongor, Commissioner and Secretary Arts and Culture and Mr N Munish Singh, Zonal Director, Indian Council for Cultural Relations as guests of honour. In his speech, Paul Lyngdoh, Minister of Arts and Culture lauded the initiative of the organisers to acknowledge the local artists of the State who had contributed to society through their creative expressions.

The Minister spoke at length on the upliftment of arts and culture in the State including the institution of separate awards for the arts and the renaming of the SICPAC in the Lariti International Center for Performing Arts and Culture. He recalled his childhood memories of Khasi traditional songs sung by the recipients of the awards, Tanbor Swer and the association of Daminot J Wankhar and Adlyne Khonglam in the album produced by KSU while he was the leader.

Tanbor Swer was conferred with the Rana Kharkongor Memorial Award, while Daminot J Wankhar and Adlyne were conferred with Riti Excellence Awards along with other recipients from Assam. The recipients for literature and social service are Dr. Naren Hazarika, Sr. Journalist, Editor of Daily Daindeen Barta, Nang Anjana Gogoi, Advisor of “Dauboria Barta”(weekly news magazine), Mr. Sukleswar Nath, Smt. Ushamoni Saikia, Literature & Social Service, Smt. Alaka Bujar Baruah, School Teacher, Smt. Manju Hazarika, school teacher, andc Smt. Inu Sarma, while Mr. Sajan Bhuyan was the recipient for Social Service.

The cultural programme was performed by an emerging musical band, Na U Bnai, Saphina Kharhunai and Aanya Kharhunai, grandchildren of Rana Kharkongor, and the spectacular performances by the awardees Tanbor Swer and Adlyne Khonglam. The Assamese troupes also presented cultural performances, including the famous and popular Bihu dance.

Excerpts of Citation of Award recipients from Meghalaya:

Bah Daminot J Wankhar is a brilliant academician, literateur and versatile lyricist and vocalist with his own distinct style and melody. The puns and satire in his lyrics are simple, contemporary and relevant at all times and a few of his songs inspire the reformation of society and motivate revolutionary spirit that may be categorised as Khasi classical music. A songwriter who sings and writes secular and Gospel music both in vernacular language, Khasi and in English; Daminot is also an outstanding performer and entertainer par excellence.

Bah Tanbor Swer is a veteran songwriter, vocalist and traditional and modern Khasi music musician. In his career, spanning more than fifty years, he has written a wide range of compositions on nature, humanity, youth, social issues, patriotism, Christian hymns and personal experience about life and society. Tanbor is a top grade radio artiste and has a collection of several musical albums, including certain prestigious performances in the state and the region.

Kong Adlyne Khonglam is a homegrown songwriter, musician with captivating vocal chords that have emotional energy and stimulate excitement in people with her lyrics about rural life, compassion and every positive temperament in society. She has on several prestigious occasions performed solo and with a group of artistes in the state, the region and in the country. Adlyne is also a poet, and a writer of some books, besides a top-grade radio and television artiste.

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