Syngkli honoured as ‘Best Fish Farmer’

Shillong,July 19: The ‘Best Fish Farmer for the year 2017’ was awarded to Shri. Pyrkhatjngai Syngkli of Mawkangi village, Ri Bhoi District, as part of the 17th National Fish Farmers Day.

Syngkli significant contribution and commendable achievements in augmenting fish production in the State of Meghalaya is acknowledged by the College of Fisheries, CAU (I), Lembucherra, and Tripura.

Shri. Syngkli who always expressed his love for farming, which he has been involved in for more than years as a hobby started his fish farming venture during the year 2000 through construction of 4 fish ponds with a total water spread area of 0.16 hectare, where he took up seed production with the assistance of the State Fishery Department in the year 2014.
Primarily, with limited facilities he could produce hardly 400 kgs per 0.16 hectare. However at present, with the water spread of 1.1 hectare, he produces about 1600 kgs of fish in his farm.
In 2015 he has also produced 2.5 lakhs of fry of Labeo Gonius, 81 lakhs of fry of Cyprinus Carpio through captive and natural breeding.

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