Stop taking credit for the work done by Dr. Mukul Sangma:TMC

Shillong 6 Sep: (Tura) : Meghalaya Trinamool Congress held a Block Level Meeting at Gambegre, West Garo Hills today. The event had a congregation of leaders present including Meghalaya TMC MLAs Dikkanchi D Shira, Zenith M Sangma, Lazarus M Sangma, Winnerson D Sangma along with MDCs Cherak W Momin, Nehru D Sangma and Sadhiarani M Sangma.

Admonishing the MDA government’s sheer lack of concern towards women, Meghalaya TMC MLA, Zenith Sangma stated, “Dr. Mukul Sangma used to provide Rs. 5,000 as an allowance to every woman to support their family; CM Conrad Sangma insensibly ended this scheme.” He added, “In the assembly, numerous inquiries about the money of JICA and the World Bank which was subjected to misuse by the government is still unanswered. Now, before the election, the MDA government is putting up a sham by giving the same money as the FOCUS scheme, which is providing every household with Rs. 5,000. Remember, the money is not from the NPP, but from the central government. It is the taxpayers’ money and not the NPP’s.”

Criticising the MDA Government’s habit of abandoning various schemes midway, he commented, “During his term, Dr. Mukul had initiated the scheme Chief Minister’s Social Assistance programme which was not funded by the central government but the erstwhile state government itself. The MDA government has abandoned the scheme.”

MDC Sadhiarani Sangma, in her tirade, also condemned the insensitivity of the MDA government in addressing the grievances of the teachers’/caregivers of Meghalaya. She said, “The NPP-led MDA government has been scamming us for the past four years. They have not brought a single speck of development in the state, especially in Gambegre.”

Marking the event successful, a large congregation extended their support to the Meghalaya Trinamool Congress. With every passing day, Meghalaya Trinamool Congress is becoming the only credible alternative for the people of Meghalaya; it is the only party that is striving tirelessly and raising pertinent issues of Meghalaya at the national level like the inclusion of languages and border disputes. Meghalaya TMC would always stand by the people and raise their voices in solidarity until the MDA-inflicted misgovernance ends in Meghalaya.