Social media condemns `sensational reporting’ of Sridevi`s demise

New Delhi Feb 27: As the nation remains gloom following the death of veteran actor Sridevi, the ‘sensational’ reporting by the media post recent developments on the cause of her death has sparked a wave of criticism on social media.

On Monday, the forensic report of the 54-year-old Indian actress revealed that she had died of accidental drowning in her hotel room’s bathtub, after suffering a dizzying spell. Traces of alcohol were also reportedly found in the actor’s body.

Following this, several media outlets took to their channels to ponder over the reports, some even going to the extent of character-shaming the actor for allegedly indulging in alcohol.

In retaliation, twitterers expressed their dissent over the sensational twist that has been given to the actor’s untimely demise, evident from the hashtag ‘News Ki Maut’ (death of news) on Twitter.

“#NewsKiMaut let us respect Late Mrs. Sridevi ji and not do dramatic representations and raise questions about her character,” a user wrote.

Another tweet read, “It’s not just #NewsKiMaut but #HumanityKiMaut. Compassion is totally missing these days.”

An Indian media outlet even ran a special episode titled ‘Maut Ka Bathtub’ or ‘the bathtub causing death’ after reports surfaced of her “accidental drowning.”

For the unversed, Sridevi passed away on late Saturday night in Dubai, where she was attending a family wedding.


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