Singh confident that BJP will win absolute majority in Meghalaya

BJP president to release manifesto on Feb 15

SHILLONG, FEB 6: BJP leader and Union Minister of Earth Sciences Jitendra Singh on Monday expressed confidence that his party will win an absolute majority in the upcoming February 27 assembly elections.

Singh was accompanying Pynthorumkhrah MLA AL Hek during the filing of nomination here.

He told reporters that there is a difference between the last election and this election because the people of Meghalaya have seen how the BJP government has performed under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


“All of us know Modi has been visiting the state a number of times, he has visited NE 17 times and also Meghalaya a number of times. Before Modi came in 2014, we didn’t have much rail connectivity over here, we didn’t have a proper airport in Shillong even though Shillong was the erstwhile capital of the state of Assam, so there are miraculous transformations that have happened over here,” he said.

Singh said earlier, there was wrong perception and wrong propaganda being spread about the BJP by the Congress and their allies. “Now it’s been very clear BJP under Prime Minister Modi follows a policy of development for all, reaching out to all those who need us, to every section of society with equitable attention and not tolerating corruption,” he added.


When asked, Singh said, “This allegation is being spread by those party leaders who are used to this because they sell tickets for cash in Congress and other parties so they think this happens in the BJP also. Sometimes those who didn’t get tickets make such claims in the rage of not getting tickets but everybody knows BJP is the only party which gives opportunity to merit, to hard work, gives opportunity capabilities because this is not a party based on dynasty, based on family or based on any other family.”