Shah accuses Mukul, Conrad for massive corruption

SHILLONG, FEB 17: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said Mukul Sangma and Conrad Sangma have become the biggest stumbling block in the development and growth of Meghalaya.

“These two families have done massive corruption and done great injustice to the people of the state. Time has come to get rid of these two families from Meghalaya and to make the Bharatiya Janata Party government under the leadership and guidance of our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji,” Shah said while addressing massive public rallies at Rangsakona and Dalu.

Stating that Mukul Sangma is in the fray this time after changing his name, Shah said, “Earlier they were in the Congress party and now he is in TMC. Just look at West Bengal, the condition there is even worse than Meghalaya. In West Bengal Tolabazi, cut money, corruption, lawlessness and crime is at its peak. If people of Meghalaya choose Mukul Sangma he will establish the rule of Tolabazi, cut money, corruption, lawlessness and crime in Meghalaya also.”

He further alleged that Mukul Sangma and Conrad Sangma gave jobs only to their family members, relatives and acquaintances.

“The members of tribal communities, youth, tea garden workers and other deserving candidates were ignored and not given jobs,” he said while assuring that “once the Bharatiya Janata Party government is formed in the state, we will offer jobs in most transparent manner and help poor and deserving candidates get jobs.”

He said that all those who siphoned off money meant for the poor people of Meghalaya, they all need to be probed thoroughly.

“Once the Bharatiya Janata Party government is formed in the state a committee led by Supreme Court judge will probe all the corruption cases and all culprits will be put behind the bar by following all norms laid down by our Constitution,” he added.

Stating that Meghalaya is facing the problem of infiltration, the union home minister assured that the Bharatiya Janata Party government will not allow a single person to intrude into Meghalaya.

“By removing more than 60 per cent area from AFSPA we have laid the foundation of a peaceful, progressive, developed and prosperous Northeast,” he said.

He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party believes that good roads, good education and good e- connectivity — all three are the first steps towards growth and development. Once the Bharatiya Janata Party government is formed in Meghalaya we will give special attention to all these aspects.

Shah also informed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji had given two medical colleges to Meghalaya — one in Shillong and another in Tura and said, “But due to the incompetent and ineffective state government these two have not been established so far. Once our government is formed we will establish 4 medical colleges in Meghalaya including the two which has already been sanctioned by the Narendra Modi Government.”

Further, the BJP top leader alleged that when there was the Congress party led UPA government at the Centre, the entire Northeast was suffering due to insurgency. All around the Northeast there used to be bandhs, strikes, blockade, firing, violence and lawlessness.

He claimed that today under the Narendra Modi Government there is peace and development in the region. So far more than 8000 youths affiliated to various insurgency groups have surrendered and joined the national mainstream. All this has happened as they trust the Prime Minister and his policies and programmes.

“Still some youths are associated with some insurgency groups. I want to make a humble appeal to them to join the development yatra of our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and make Meghalaya most developed and prosperous state of the country. Our Prime Minister does not want that a single youth losses his life in insurgency and violence,” he said.

He said that Prime Minister has so far visited Northeast region 51 times and has given a new impetus to the growth and development of the region. Since our Independence no other Prime Minister has made so many visits to the Northeast than our Honourable Prime Minister adding “This clearly proves the commitment and foresight of our Prime Minister for the development, growth and progress of entire Northeast region.”

Meanwhile, the union home minister alleged that in Meghalaya there is massive scam happening in MNREGA which has ruined the state and derailed its growth.

“The fiscal deficit of such a small state is a whopping Rs 1800 crores which is a matter of deep concern. Similarly , massive corruption has taken place in Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd and it has reached the level of bankruptcy. Massive corruption has also taken place in Jal Jeevan Mission.”

He said for the fast development and growth of the entire Northeast region Prime Minister has started PM-DevINE scheme and for this a provision of Rs 6,000 crores has also been kept in the Central Budget. “There will be no paucity of funds for the growth and development of Meghalaya and the Northeast region. Under the leadership of our Prime Minister the journey of fast-track growth and development of the Northeast region has already begun,” he added.

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