SAFF asks citizen to vote for god-fearing leaders

SAFF asks citizen to vote for god-fearing leaders

SHILLONG, FEB 22: The Shillong All Faiths Forum (SAFF) on Wednesday urges the people of the state to shun the use of money for vote.

In a statement, SAFF president Bishop P Lyngdoh said that the forum in its meeting held on February 21 had decided to exhort upon all eligible citizens of the state to exercise their franchise on February 27 and choose god-fearing leaders besides avoiding abuse, fight and violence and shun the use of money of vote. Peace and sense of brotherhood is the way forward to integration and development.

Stating that corruption is rampant in society, Lyngdoh said, “When citizens seem not affected by corruption while exercising voting rights, good and efficient leaders will not engage in our state. A society with good leaders is inevitably on the path of development, progress and prosperity. Let everyone pledge to make the country prosperous and clean. This is a defining election for our state and hence it is the duty of each and every voter to vote responsibly without falling victim to allurements of all forms.”

He said leaders in the state and the country can play a very important role in our society. Let us choose leaders who can work for the good of the country. Faith in God is our shield against evils in society and unity in diversity is our strength.

“As believers in God, let us ask the strength from God to guide our leaders and our citizens for the good of the country and humanity,” he added.

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