Prestone promises strict protocols to migrant skilled labours

Shillong, June 1: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Monday assured that strict protocols are in place for bringing highly skilled labourers from outside in the state.

“The protocols are very strict for the highly skilled labourers before they enter the state. They will have to be kept under quarantine before allowing them to start working in the state to ensure they are not carrier of COVID-19 disease. They will also have to produce valid documents,” he said.

His statement came following stiff opposition from several quarters including NGOs against this decision of the government in view of the prevailing situation due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“We respect and understand the concerns of the NGOs but the decision of the government is specifically for highly skilled labourers and not others,” Tynsong stated.

He said the government is left with no option but to engage the services of these highly skilled labourers from other states in activities where there is shortage of local expertise.

“At this juncture, we do require such highly skilled labourers to ensure development activities in the state are not hindered. The government also wants that local people should go for trainings in order for the state to be self-reliance in the future,” Tynsong said.

Stating that he totally agrees that safety of the state is more important than anything else, the deputy CM however said that government has no intention to allow all migrant labourers to enter the state and that is why the ban on inter-state movement will continue until further orders.

It may be mentioned here that the government has decided to grant special permission for highly skilled labourers from other states to work in the different developmental projects in the state.

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