Permission for ‘Mercy Killing’ by Trans-Women Ponnusami

Mumbai , Feb. 14 : A trans-woman has written a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind, seeking permission for mercy killing as she was allegedly refused the job of cabin crew in Air India due to her gender.

Sanavi Ponnusami has alleged that Air India rejected her, telling her that they don’t have a category for trans-women.

“They said we don’t have a category for trans-women. But, do I get a discount on taxes? I have to pay that, right?” asked Ponnusami.

She questioned the airlines and asked whether she was denied the job due to her gender.

“I have qualification and experience, is it about my gender?” asked Ponnusami.

She also said there was no point in applying for private airlines “because if government airline says there is no category for you, what can we expect from private airlines”.

Ponnusami said her life now depends on the President.

Writing that it is getting difficult to survive, Ponnusami said she is requesting for “mercy killing due to gender discrimination by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air India”.

“I am the petitioner who filed a case in the Supreme Court of India against the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air India, as they denied my candidature due to gender discrimination,” stated the letter.

“For the past two years, four times I got a call letter for the post of a female cabin crew in Air India, but my name was not on the final list. Later, I came to know that Air India reserved seats only for females, where I can’t make the cut off. Then after a long struggle of contacting the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air India, I got a reply that as per their recruitment policy they don’t have a category for ‘trans-women’,” the letter adds.

She further said that her living condition is not great and can’t afford advocates to fight a case, as the Supreme Court listens to cases like hers.

“So here am requesting to you that as am not able to raise in question against Air India and Ministry of civil aviation as there is no response from them. I request for ‘Mercy killing’. I will be proud to die at the hands of the Indian government,” states the letter.


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