Paul says  there is no relationship stain with NPP due to Sohiong poll

All allegations of rice scam are baseless as per inquiry report: Paul

SHILLONG, MAY 10: United Democratic Party leader Paul Lyngdoh on Wednesday said the adjourned election in Sohiong Assembly constituency will not strain the relationship of his party and the National People’s Party (NPP).

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “No, I don’t see any strain in any case. This was an election which was supposed to be held along with the rest of the constituencies. So it is just a matter of accident that we lost our candidate at that point of time but the fact is that we could form a government it has just been two months plus today so I don’t see even the need to mention that word strain.”

When asked, Lyngdoh said that the verdict of 2023 has to be respected.

“That verdict gave NPP 26 constituencies which is why they could not form a government on their own and that same verdict gave the UDP 11 seats and it is a verdict when you analyse the election results, you have to analyse it sector wise. So the Garo sector voted mainly in favour of NPP and the Khasi-Jaintia sector voted mainly for a regional party, the UDP with 11 seats. So when you combine the two sectors then the MDA 2 came into existence.”

Asked if NPP has approached the UDP for merger, the UDP leader said, “Even the UDP can also approach the NPP to merge with us. Where is the harm? Let them merge with us why should we merge with them.”

He added, “I am not aware of such move. A lot of things will be said in election platforms and more so when there is just one election for one constituency so you have lots and lots of speakers so obviously when you have 20 speakers in one platform they will all want to say something fresh, something that will attract the attention of the media.”

He also expressed confidence to win the Sohiong seat. “We are comfortable as a party because in the last House we had 6 MLAs. This time if we manage Sohiong we will double the tally. It will be a 50% increase in the tally of the UDP. We have a very fair chance but obviously the people’s mandate will be known on May 13.”