Opp MLAs join NPP knowing it will form the next Govt:CM

Opp MLAs join NPP knowing it will form the next Govt:CM

SHILLONG, FEB 12: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma has told audiences across his constituency that voters of Tura must take advantage of the NPP wave and support his candidature because the ground situation is favouring his party to such an extend that even opposition MLAs have realised the futility of staying behind and have now joined to contest on NPP tickets.
“Opposition MLAs have seen the public mood is strongly in our favour, otherwise why would those legislators from the Trinamool and the Congress besides regional parties come and join us?” Questioned the chief minister.

“Jimmy D Sangma and Marthon J Sangma from Trinamool Congress, Ampareen Lyngdoh, Monindro Rapsang and Kimfa Marbaniang from Congress, Hamletson Dohling, Samlin Malniang and others have joined us because they know it is going to be a stable NPP government with a clear majority,” says Conrad Sangma and added that opposition parties would be looking at single seats when votes get counted on 2nd March.

“Voters of Tura are not going to vote for Conrad Sangma alone but the chief minister of the state and your votes will have a rippling effect across the state and benefit others. Look at Rongjeng, your vote for me 5 years ago helped me to work together for the people of Rongjeng to see their dream of a civil sub division come true. Your vote is going to benefit many others, ” assured the chief minister to a rapturous applause from voters in Tura bazar during Sunday evening’s campaign in the town.

Conrad did not miss out on the importance of Tura town that was deprived of development for many years which he turned around within five years tackling head on the problem of water scarcity, street lighting, locality roads and sporting arenas for the youth to utilize.

“We brought in visible development for Tura through the Smart Town project and the Tura Town Beautification project. Over 250 internal locality roads are undergoing construction, close to 80 percent of the population now have access to piped water connection, whereas five years back, many localities in Tura witnessed this problem.
There is a new push for development in tura

And my promise to the citizens of Tura is to continue the work to further the lives of our people,”
On preventing any return of militancy and the bloody incidents of previous years, the chief minister said that his government has been proactive to ensure peace remained at the fore front of democracy and governance.

He recalled that sceptics had predicted that the state would always be militancy affected, but his government proved them wrong.
“Our intelligence are always on alert – many do not know the mechanism by which the govt works in tandem with the police. After the Shillong blasts, our police worked tirelessly and helped to avert a major casualty scenario in the days and weeks to come,” said the chief minister as he lauded the role of the security forces in preventing militancy from resurfacing and extortion being contained in the state.

“The fear in the minds of our citizens is no longer there,” said Conrad Sangma.

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