Online payment of taxes, fees and duty

Shillong, May 29: The Commissioner of Taxes, Meghalaya, has informed that from 01st June, 2019 onwards, GRAS-Government Receipt Accounting System will be enabled for payment of taxes, fees, duty which included (1) Professional Tax (2) Central Sales Tax (3) Tax on Petrol and Diesel (4) Trade Tax (VAT), (5) Meghalaya Passenger and Goods Tax (6) Electricity Duty (7) Entertainment Tax (8) Meghalaya Tax on Luxury (9) Fees-Archery.

The service can be accessed from the website and the link can also be accessed from the Taxation Department website

The public can login to the website either directly or through the link given in the Taxation Department website. Click on “New User Registration”- suitable for frequent users or Click on “Pay without Registration”- suitable for less frequent tax payer. Select on the respective head accordingly to make a payment, eg., Electricity Duty, Fees-Archery, etc., fill in the amount, etc,  mode of payment eg., online payment or over the counter payment and click submit. For over the counter payment, the physical copy of the Challan will be generated for printing and presentation in the bank for making payment. Draft Challan will be generated by the system and on clicking agree, a GRN Number will pop up which will have to be noted for future reference.

Payment is to be made as per fees or taxes required, ie, online or over the counter.

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