NPP declares name of 58 candidates

Shillong, Jan 12: The ruling National People’s Party (NPP) on Thursday announced the name of 58 candidates for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state even as it expressed confidence to form a single majority government.

The full list was declared by NPP state president and lone Rajya Sabha MP Dr WR Kharlukhi at an election meeting titled – “Stronger Together” held at Polo ground.

Addressing the meeting, NPP national president and chief minister Conrad K Sangma expressed confidence that his party will form a single majority government in 2023.

“I know that the people of the state are waiting, I know that the people of the state wants a strong government, I know the people of the state will repose their faith in the NPP so that the NPP will be able to form a single majority, a single party government in 2023 and this will depend on you,” he said.

Stating the 2023 election is very crucial, Sangma said, “This 2023 election which is happening right at the 51st year of our statehood will lay the foundation stone for the next 50 years of our state.”

He said 50 years back, Meghalaya had a full majority government and it depend on the citizen to ensure this is repeated in 2023 by voting for a political party which has proved itself in the last five years that it is able to lay the foundation stone for the next 50 years.

He assured that if given the mandate again, the party will fulfill the dreams of every youth and address issues concerning women, farmers and others and ensure “every citizen in our state whether it is Khasi, Garo, Jaintia, all the other tribes, all the other communities, all the religions who are here so that we can all live together in peace and harmony and take our state forward”.

Sangma further assured to resolve the boundary dispute issue once and for all if voted back to power.

He said that the NPP led Government had the wisdom and the courage to take forward the discussion of inter-State border differences and take the issue to its logical conclusion. He also asserted that it is only the NPP which can resolve the border issue completely with Assam.

“I can assure that if there is any political party that will ever be able to find a solution to the border issue it is the NPP and I assure you that given the opportunity in 2023 in this general election, we will find a solution and we will resolve the border issue so that people in the state specially the border areas can live in peace,” he said.

Recalling late Purno Agitok Sangma’s ideals and vision, NPP chief said that the party has served the state with a purpose in the last five years.

He informed that during NPP’s regime in the State of Meghalaya, the Government has ensured systematic planning and implementation of various programmes, which has ensured accelerated growth and development.

He said that various indices and growth projections have improved in the State in the last five years. He informed the gathering that Meghalaya has improved in various rankings be it in social sector or infrastructure development in the State.

“NPP led Government has initiated more development interventions for the State and its people in the last five years, compared to what was done in 50 years of Statehood,” the NPP chief said.

In his speech, Sniawbhalang Dhar lauded the chief minister for ensuring stability of the government.

“After we formed the government in 2018, some political parties said that don’t worry the NPP is just an adhoc government but under your (CM) leadership you are able to turned a temporary government to a permanent government,” he said.

Dhar said, “All political parties are charging against the NPP with various allegations but I proudly say that those who used to allege are now joining with us because they know we will become a single majority party in 2023.”

Earlier, NPP national treasurer and cabinet minister James K Sangma said that the party was started in the year 2012 by its founding leader late PA Sangma who had set forth the vision and foundation for the party.

“Those visions and foundations have helped us to come this far. Although we started with a humble beginning today the NPP is a force to reckon with and it is a party which stands for its ideals, a party which stands by its principles and a party that has so much dedication and love for the people of not just Meghalaya but entire North East and all tribal and marginalized people,” he said.

He said today the NPP is a national party with a state government in Meghalaya and having MLAs across the North East including Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

“Today the NPP has demonstrated that we believe in actions, we believe in deeds we don’t believe in just mere words. We don’t believe in announcing that if we come to power will give this much money to people, no, we believe in showing through our actions that we are for the people and we have delivered,” he added.

The 19 NPP MLAs in the list including chief minister Conrad K Sangma (South Tura), deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong (Pynursla), cabinet ministers – Sniawbhalang Dhar (Nartiang), James PK Sangma (Dadenggre) and Dasakhiatbha Lamare (Nongkrem) – Wailadmiki Shylla (Jowai), Comingone Ymbon (Raliang), Sosthenes Sohtun (Jirang), Pyniaid Sing Syiem (Mawryngkneng), Gigur Myrthong (Mawshynrut), Timothy D Shira (Resubelpara), Rupert M Momin (Kharkutta), Pongseng R Marak (Bajengdoba), Jim M Sangma (Rongjeng), Marcuise N Marak (Williamnagar), Abdus Saleh (Rajabala), Thomas K Sangma (North Tura), Rakkam A Sangma (Rongara-Siju), Brening A Sangma (Dalu).

The eight legislators who joined the party recently include Dr M Ampareen Lyngdoh (East Shillong), Mohendro Rapsang (West Shillong), Hamletson Dohling (Mylliem), Samlin Malngiang (Sohiong), Kimfa Sydney Marbaniang (Rambrai-Jyrngam), Marthon J Sangma (Mendipathar), Jimmy D Sangma (Tikrikilla), Jason Sawkmie Mawlong (Umsning),

The former MLAs who will be contesting from the party are Nehlang Dhar (Khliehriat), Stephanson Mukhim (Amlarem), Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem (Mawphlang), Martin M Danggo (Ranikor), Abu Taher Mondal (Phulbari), Nihim D Shira (Songsak),

Four MDCs – Macdalyne Sawkmie Mawlong (Nongpoh), Teibor Pathaw (Mawlai), Alvin K Sawkmie (Mawsynram), Grace Mary Kharpuri (Shella) are also among the candidates.

The other female candidates are Santa Mary Shylla (Saipung-Sutnga), Dr Jasmine Lyngdoh (Nongthymmai), Biolinda Lyngdoh Nonglait (Mawthadraishan),


The other candidates also include Habahun Dhar (Mowkaiaw), Shemphang Lyngdoh (Mawhati), Damanbait Lamare (Umroi), Rocky Hek (Pynthorumkhrah), Ransom Sutnga (North Shillong), Alan West (Sohra), H Stalyne Diengdoh (Mawkyrwat), Arbinstone Marak (Selsella), Subir Marak (Rangsakona), Stevie M Marak (Ampati), Sanjay A Sangma (Mahendraganj), Ian Botham K sangma (Salmanpara), Rakesh A Sangma (Gambegre), Sengchim N Sangma (Chokpot) and Satto R Marak (Baghmara).

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