NPP confident to win more seats: Conrad

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SHILLONG, FEB 27: NPP national president and chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Monday expressed confidence that his party will get more seats this time.


Polling in 59 out of 60 Assembly constituencies was held today.


“We are quite happy to see the trend in that line that we are going to get more seats compared to what we got last time,” Sangma told reporters. He was commenting on the exit polls.

He said normally the exit polls are done five-six days before the polling takes place.


“In the last four-five days we have seen things move more forward and we expect that the numbers in the exit polls will be closer to the higher side,” Sangma added.


With regards to the government formation, the NPP chief said, “We have been very clear that what is in the best interest of the state and the people and what is in the best interest of ensuring that we are able to provide stable government when the situation arises we will take this into consideration and move forward.”


Asked if it is possible for the NPP to go with the BJP, Sangma said, “We will keep all our options open. We will discuss with the MLAs with the party and make a conscious decision then on how to move forward.”


Responding to another query on the possibility of forming the government with the Congress or the TMC, the chief minister however said that these are only exit polls and “one cannot base a strategy based on exit polls”. He assured that “when the real numbers come up we will see on how to move forward”.

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