No nepotism within BJP in Meghalaya: Mawrie

BJP relieves Marak as ST morcha president

SHILLONG, SEP 6: BJP state president Ernest Mawrie on Wednesday said there is no nepotism in the party.

Speaking to reporters, Mawrie said former Mawsynram MLA HM Shangpliang has alleged in his resignation letter that there is nepotism within the rank and file of the party under his leadership as state president.

He said, “He (Shangpliang) is blaming us especially me the state president by (alleging) there is nepotism in the party. But if you go through the dictionary, what I understand is I am favouring my relatives, my close friends but here in the BJP office, Mawrie is only the president and there is no nepotism in the BJP. Instead if we go to Mawsynram, we have appointed his brother as the mandal president based on his request. So nepotism is there (on his part).”

Mawrie also rubbished Shangpliang’s claim of internal conflict within the BJP.

“We are working as a state team along with the in-charge as per the instruction of our central leaders. We are very discipline. Mawrie as state president cannot decide alone, whatever programs, functions, it is through instruction and circular issued by the central office. We are very much united as a State team. You can ask both MLAs, office bearers, we don’t have any internal conflicts,” he said.

The state president admitted that Shangpliang had expressed his interest to contest the MP election.

“He has expressed his willingness to contest the Lok Sabha election but I told him when the time, we will recommend your name. But he put one condition and requested me as a state president to please convene MDA meeting with coalition partners and find out a solution that they agree to have a common candidate and that they should give a chance to the BJP. However, I straight away told him that is not possible because I cannot take decision and that decision will be taken by central leaders not me,” he said.

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