Mukul slams NPP for calling TMC ‘baaki party’

Mukul slams NPP for calling TMC 'baaki party'

SHILLONG, FEB 10: Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Friday took a potshot at the NPP-led MDA government for calling the TMC a ‘baaki party’.

Addressing a public meeting at Tikrikilla in West Garo Hills, Mukul questioned, “It’s been many years since our own MDC’s salaries are pending. Ask the MDCs whether they are Baaki government or not? It’s been 3 years since the employees of the District Council haven’t received their salaries and they are asking for their money. That is why one can see who is a Baaki government.”

Castigating the NPP-led MDA government over the deplorable state of education in the state he said, “ New teachers are not appointed after old teachers have retired; to a point, where schools are shut and left abandoned. Is this the work of the government?”

Meghalaya TMC candidate from Tikrikilla, the TMC legislature party leader also cornered the government in discrepancies in the current pension scheme, and said, “ I initiated Rs500 as pension to old age people and widows in my tenure, but the money has not increased in this government, forget about increasing a lot of people are not even getting pension.”

“Is it the work of the government? This NPP led MDA government had fraud the people of Garo Hills and the entire Meghalaya. If the government doesn’t know their own responsibilities, will we allow them to form a government again?” he further questioned.

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