Mukul says EC in GHADC collapse because of money

Shillong, July 19: Chief Minister, Mukul Sangma on Wednesday claimed that an Executive Committee of the NPP-GNC-BJP combined in the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) had collapsed due to “greed for power and money.”

“One interesting thing I would like to corroborate in respect to this development. From day one after the election to the GHADC, I had told all the MDCs from the Congress after getting elected, that they should not form the EC because the mandate was not for the party. We allowed the NPP, GNC and BJP to form the EC and I wanted to tell to the world that they are partners of the BJP all the time, though they defended that they are not partners. I wanted to prove, and we have proven it,” Sangma told reporters.

He said that after the NPP-led EC was formed, for the first time they have also had an executive member drawn from the BJP. “After that, what has happened? Probably they have been fighting for money after huge assistance came from the Centre as part of the exercises and discussions we had with the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and based on the Chief Minister’s letters besides a delegation of state officers,” he said.

Stating that money is the root cause of all evils, Sangma said, “These people have fallen on their own because of their greed for power and money, though we have not disturbed them.”

The Congress has now managed to form the new Executive Committee in the GHADC.

On Tuesday, Congress MDCs supported the candidature of Boston Marak during the election for the post of CEM.

Marak won the election and became the new CEM to lead the new EC in GHADC.

Marak was earlier the Chairman of the GHADC, but he quit the post few days back to pave way for him to file his nomination for the election of CEM.

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