Mukul questions Meghalaya CM’s close association with drug kingpin

SHILLONG, SEP 19: Opposition AITC leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma on Tuesday accused the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma of having a close association with a drug kingpin from Manipur.


While participating in a motion in the Assembly, Mukul said Henry Lalremsanga, who was arrested on April 23, 2013 in connection with the seizure of Rs six crore worth banned pseudoephedrine tablets, is one of the close associates of none other than the chief minister Conrad K Sangma.


He also showed a photograph of the chief minister and Henry at a programme in Delhi.


“This is the photograph of the chief minister (along with) his wife and Mr Henry in one of a very high profile programs in Delhi.”


“I have to advise the chief minister to avoid association with this man. Is he aware of this fact? This is a high profile event in Delhi. So I tried to find out how he (Henry) manage to find a space in this kind of high-profile events, shared the same table then I was informed that this sitting arrangement was requested by the CM’s Office,” Mukul said.


The former chief minister said the media report read that Henry Lalremsanga was described as the kingpin of the gang. He was arrested along with the son of a former Congress MLA


“He was coming from Mizoram and is involved in illegal trade along with Arvind Ahuja, the son of the former MLA Ashok Ahuja, and his driver Manish who were arrested yesterday from the capital with 2,51,680 strips of pseudoephedrine tablets. According to Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime), the trio allegedly supplied pseudoephedrine based tablets in Mizoram and other states of North-East India and Myanmar,” he said.


He said that the fight against the drug menace has become an important responsibility for all of them.


He said, “Therefore, we have to be careful of who we are associating with. Therefore, we cannot behave like young boys and girls, who cannot carved out our ways from old buddies, who might already have gone astray and (whether) this connect may be misused by them or not otherwise the chief minister of our state will unnecessarily be subjected to that different kind of scrutiny.”


“I am happy that I am able to bring this to the notice of the chief minister, let him go through, let him scan and I will advise and give my suggestion and submission through you Mr Speaker Sir we have to ensure that we delink our connection with these people. Therefore, when a person is alleged to have been the kingpin, therefore, let us be wise,” he added.

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