Meghalaya Govt to set up a separate Directorate of Forensic Sciences

MHA asks Meghalaya Govt to revisit MRSSAB, 2020

SHILLONG, JUNE 6: The state Cabinet on Tuesday approved the proposal to set up a separate Directorate of Forensic Sciences in the state. 

Addressing the media after chairing the meeting, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said, “We have decided that the Directorate of Forensic Sciences will be created.”

He said there is a forensic science cell under the police headquarters and as per one of the human rights commissions, this particular department had to be created and come straight under the home department and hence that decision has been made today.

“So, the manpower and necessary systems are in place and hence its only the administrative decision to have a separate directorate for forensic sciences. Of course, we have also decided that we will strengthen the entire forensic department by ensuring more investments are made in the equipments,” Sangma added. 

The Cabinet has also approved the amendment to the Rules of Executive Business.

“As you are aware the planning department was renamed as planning, investment, promotion and sustainable development department and hence as a regularization process the amendment to the rules of executive business had to be done and that has to be cleared by the cabinet and that has been done today,” the CM said. 

Meanwhile, Sangma said that Cabinet has also cleared the proposal to include the Secretary of the Meghalaya State Public Service Delivery Commission in the list of heads of departments under rule FR and SR 1984. 

“This is a basic purpose to ensure that the secretary of the commission is able to have all the necessary powers so that they can conduct normal procedures and will be able to have the expenditures made at their level and they dont have to come to the government for different approvals,” he added.

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