Meghalaya Govt constitutes Expert Panel to review reservation policy

Meghalaya Govt constitutes Expert Panel to review reservation policy

SHILLONG, JUNE 1: The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government on Thursday notified the constitution of an Expert Committee to review the state’s job reservation policy.

The decision was based on the recommendation of the Ampareen Lyngdoh-led committee of all political parties and after the opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) chief Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit refused to call off his indefinite hunger protest till government agrees to review the policy.

A notification issued by Chief Secretary DP Wahlang said that the Expert Committee will review the State Reservation Policy as notified in resolution dated the 12th January 1972.

“The Expert Committee shall undertake a review of the State Reservation Policy by obtaining views from all stakeholders and by conducting field visits to all parts of the State,” it said.

The notification also said that the Chairperson and members of the Committee shall consist of experts in Constitutional Law, Economics, Sociology, Demographic Studies and related fields which shall be notified by the Government of Meghalaya.

Addressing media persons, chairperson of the committee of all political parties Ampareen Lyngdoh said, “We are now willing as a government to listen to the voice of the public at large. You have to listen to what citizens are telling you so we have said that we are going to do it.”

“How long this will take again will be something that the government will be engaging in. I do not want to give a specific timeframe because it will be incorrect but public is going to be keeping a watch and we hope that we will be able to complete this exercise as soon as possible,” she added.

Lyngdoh said that the government will constitute a search committee for the appointment of the chairperson and members of the expert committee.

“When we say that there will be a review of the state reservation policy, it will entail all aspects depending on what stakeholders bring to the table for discussion. If you bring some matters to the table for discussion surely this committee will have sittings with all stakeholders, so we have to ensure that citizens across the state shall be allowed to present their point of views, their observations, which are back with substantial reasoning and justification,” she said.

She also urged all political parties to normalise their approach on the matter. She said, “When I say normalizing, send in writing, substantiate your view so that a committee can be accurately discuss this matter with the suggestion put forward in the table.”

Asked on the future of her committee, Lyngdoh said, “Now our committee as announced yesterday still have some tasks.”

“For example, two political parties could not make it to the meeting of May 29, attended yesterday’s meeting, we need to take a call on roster, is everybody in line, is everybody on the same page, do we want to keep on hold advertisements, interviews, declaration of results – these are sensitive matters. So the two political parties would be now meeting with government officials, if necessary I can step in, to discuss the details of that roster proposal that was the first assignment that we will be engaged in and in three weeks’ time all political parties were requested to submit all of their suggestions in black and white with justification and defence so that as and when this expert committee is able to sit they will be tasked with all of these assignments,” she stated.

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