Meghalaya cabinet approves livestock mission-mode programme at Rs 1088.97 crore

Shillong May 12: The Meghalaya cabinet has decided to implement a Livestock Mission programme to boost livestock farming and production in the state, and the mission-mode programme has been projected to cost Rs. 1088.97 crore for five years from 2017 to 2022.

Chief minister, Mukul Sangma told reporters yesterday after the Cabinet meeting that the programme had been designed so that Meghalaya can become a surplus state in meat production.

Besides the Meghalaya Livestock Mission, there will be a Meghalaya Piggery Livestock Development Society for those interested in pig farming.

He said that mission would cover all including poultry, cattle rearing though it was expected that more farmers would have interest on pig farming.

Mukul said that the budget for this mission-mode programme has been earmarked at Rs 1088.97 crore for five years (2017-2022), and for this year alone, the amount is Rs 217 crore. (EoM)

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Shillong,May 12: Chief Minister Mukul Sangma yesterday said that he is aware on the development related to the alleged move by some Congress legislators to quit the party ahead of the 2018 state elections.

 “See if chief minister is not aware of what is happening then he will not be able to sit in the chair of the chief minister for so long…let me be very blunt,” Sangma told reporters on Thursday.

 “Some people look at shortcuts to be in power and control the state and if they can’t do they find another way thinking that they can find but in a democracy aise nei hota and hoga nei in our state as people are good here,” he said.

 Reacting to a query, the chief minister also exuded confidence that even if the Congress put up new faces also people wherever they think they will vote, they will vote (for the party) and people who have never vote will never vote.



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