Meghalaya BJP raises concern over rising unemployment in the state

BJP president to release manifesto on Feb 15

Shillong, Oct 22: The state unit of the BJP has raised concerns about unemployment in Meghalaya.

State president, Ernest Mawrie said that even after 50 years of statehood, the various governments have not been able to generate sufficient employment opportunities for the youth of the state within Meghalaya.

Mawrie claimed that government view has always been myopic and government policies have failed to look at the wholistic picture of the state. Elected leaders have continuously failed as policy makers.

Mawrie however thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching the ‘Raozgar Mela’ under which 10 Lakh Central Government jobs will be provided to youth.

He expressed confidence that the youth of Meghalaya will also benefit much from the scheme.

Mawrie said that pragmatic policies could have generated new jobs in Meghalaya as well.

But instead the state failed to fill even the existing vacancies.

According to the state BJP a recent news report claimed that an RTI has revealed that more than 8000 positions are lying vacant in various departments of the state government.

Mawrie insisted that Meghalaya needed a BJP led government which would focus on turning Meghalaya into a revenue-generating state, making it self-reliant and providing new avenues for employment.

Recently, an NGO had taken out a rally to highlight the problem of unemployment.

Mawrie said that the grievances highlighted by the NGO resonated with the BJP.

He agreed that the local youth should find a space in the private sector as well.

For this, Mawrie also proposed that effective steps should be taken to further increase the employability of local youth.

He said that the next government, which will be led by the BJP, it address these issues on a priority basis.

Mawrie also informed that the BJP is preparing a ‘100 days priority program’ that it will implement immediately after coming to power in the state.

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