KSU observes Khasi National Awakening Day

Shillong, April 4: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) observes the Khasi National Awakening Day on Tuesday by organising the annual procession, where thousands of Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) members took part.
4th April is observed as Khasi National Awakening Day (Sngi Kyrsiew Ri) to commemorate the day when freedom fighter U Tirot Sing waged a war against the Britishers on April 4, 1829.
Every year April 4 is observed as the Khasi National Awakening Day across the Khasi-Jaintia hills in memory of the great Khasi freedom fighter, U Tirot Sing, the Syiem (Chieftain) of Nongkhlaw Syiemship.
The procession starts from Umkaliar, demseiniong and on reaching the entrance office of Atomic Mineral Directorate at nongmensong, the union burnt the effigies of Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) and Atomic Mineral Directorate (AMD) to oppose Uranium Mining in the state.
While speaking at the meeting NESO Chairman Samuel Jyrwa said, the purpose of observing the day is to awaken the indigenous people and to oppose the proposed Uranium mining project in West Khasi Hills district, revealing on the negative impact about the uranium mining in Jadugoda in Jharkhand.
The Centre is reviving its interest on the abandoned uranium mining in the State. It has tried to mislead the people by sanctioning a road project connecting villages like Wahkaji, Mawthabah and Nongbah-Jyrin which is known to be rich in uranium deposits.
The road project is aimed to facilitate the transportation of uranium.
Jyrwa said that the union will not allow the Centre to mine the uranium at any cost on the ground that it would degrade environment and precipitate health hazards in and around the mines.
Meanwhile, former KSU President Daniel Khyriem said, if the UCIL continue to suppress the rights and interest of the indigenous people, the union challenge that they will not sit quite and will be compelled to take stringent action.

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