JHADC says Khanduli, Moojem are well within Meghalaya

JHADC says Khanduli, Moojem are well within Meghalaya

SHILLONG, APR 24: The Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) on Monday maintained that Khanduli and Moojem village falls under its jurisdiction and are well within Meghalaya.

“We have clearly stated that Khanduli and Moojem village falls under the council’s jurisdiction and are well within the state of Meghalaya,” JHADC chief Thombor Shiwat told reporters at the sidelines of a joint meeting of the three ADCs here.

He further claimed, “We have valid documents to proof and substantiate that these two villages fall under the council’s jurisdiction”.

Expressing concern over the recent tensions that erupted in the two villages along the inter-state border with Assam, Shiwat condemned the provocative statement made by the deputy commissioner of Karbi Anglong that Khanduli fall under Assam.

The claim was made after a joint meeting held between the DC of West Jaintia Hills and DC of Karbi Anglong District recently.

“This is like provoking the residents of Khanduli. We therefore, strongly condemned the statement made by the DC of Karbi Anglong because of the fact that it falls under our jurisdiction. It is the JHADC which issued sanad (appointment) to the headman of Khanduli village,” he said.

When asked, the JHADC chief said that the residents of Khanduli village had protested against the setting up of a forest toll gate by the Assam government.

“The residents are raising protest against the action of the Karbi Anglong by setting up of the forest check gate, which was never there before,” he added.

Urging the people to maintain peace and tranquility, Shiwat said, “We urge the people to refrain from any provocation but to have patience until the two states resolve the issue amicably.”

He said that the regional committee for West Jaintia Hills will hold a meeting tomorrow and will discuss the issue and take decision accordingly.

According to him, all residents of Khanduli and Moojem are voters of Meghalaya.

Asked if they would also take up the matter with the KAAC, JHADC chief however said, “We attended the meeting called by the two DCs of West Jaintia Hills and Karbi Anglong but the MDCs from the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council did not turned up. They don’t want to talk. In fact we are ready to talk but they are not ready to talk.”

“Since they don’t want to talk, we feel that pending resolving the issue, we need to maintain status quo to ensure peace and harmony in all villages under our jurisdiction. We urge all residents to avoid indulging in any action that will lead to law and order breakdown,” he said.