ixigo introduces ‘fare intelligence’ for domestic flight bookings

New Delhi,Apr 21:  Leading travel metasearch ixigo on Wednesday announced the introduction of an all new feature ‘Fare Intelligence’, for flight bookings.


Bundling together two main functions – ‘fare prediction’ and ‘fare alerts’, ixigo uses past trends and prices to tell its users whether they should book a flight or wait for the fare to drop further. It also constantly watches for price drops to notify users when it’s the right time to book.


An ixigo study showed that the chances of the current flight fare being the best, on first flight search are generally about one-third. In the other two-third cases, users would have benefited by waiting to book. In order to solve this traveller paint point, the company has come up with the fare prediction feature which derives the best future date for one to book their flight with almost 90 percent accuracy.


ixigo also keeps track of a user’s preferred travel sectors and sends them a fare alert as soon as the fare drops. Users can also set a fare alert manually for a sector of their choice.


“Our feature not only helps users make pocket friendly travel bookings but also avoids pushing them into making hasty purchase decisions. Now we end up inevitably telling our users to not book a flight and wait almost 70 percent of the times after flight search. We believe gaining user loyalty is much more important than driving immediate conversions, which will be possible only if we help them make booking decisions that are in their best interest,” said Rajnish Kumar, CTO and Co-Founder, ixigo.


The new feature is now available on the ixigo website, and on the android and iOS versions of the ixigo flights app. Fare prediction is available only on domestic flight searches for a travel date which is up to 30 days in the future. (ANI)A

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