Inauguration of Mini RAS and Backyard Ornamental Fish Rearing unit

Shillong, Oct 6: The Backyard Mini RAS (Re-circulatory Aquaculture System) and Backyard ornamental Fish rearing unit was inaugurated at Laitkor Rngi, Wahkdait and Mawlai Nongkwar respectively on Thursday by the Director of Fisheries, A. L. Mawlong, in the presence of the Superintendent of Fisheries, East Khasi Hills Shillong Hameka Papang and other officials of the department.

The Director stated that Backyard Mini RAS and Backyard ornamental Fish rearing unit were the ever first such kind of fish rearing being engaged and assisted by the department of Fisheries in the state Meghalaya under the Central sponsor scheme-PMMSY (Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampoda Yojana) 2020-21.

She congratulated and appreciated the work done by the beneficiaries Solidarity Lyngdoh and Paul L Pynrope for setting up the project Mini RAS, and Backyard ornamental Fish rearing unit respectively.

She stated that Mini RAS is a kind of fish farming technology where water is recycled and reused after mechanical and biological filtration and removal of suspended matter and metabolites. This could be set up in a household backyard requiring minimum land area and water compared with the traditional fish farming in big fishery ponds which requires huge land area and volume of water. This farming relatively produces more or less equally good production compared with the traditional farming in big ponds and is an opportunity to grab and adopt in the households.This type of fish farming could be established even in the urban household where land availability is scarce. The Director encouraged the beneficiary to take the project ahead diligently and be an example to others.

She stated that Backyard ornamental Fish rearing unit is a good initiative being taken up by the concerned beneficiary and encouraged to rear and propagate an indigenous ornamental fishes such as loaches, murrelsince our region possesses a variety of fishes and good potential in this sector to sustain livelihood.

Further insisted the beneficiaries concerned to consult and cooperate with the technical staff of the department at any time in due course of engagement the projects so the implementation will be successful.

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