Importance to experience failure to gain success: AITC MP Derek O’Brien

AITC MP Derek O'Brien. Importance to experience failure to gain success

Shillong, Jan 17: While interacting with over 1,200 students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School in Tura, Member of Parliament and Leader of AITC Parliamentary Party, Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien on Tuesday motivated the children to work hard and shared his recipe for success.

“If you really want to be successful in life, it is important to experience this four-letter word – FAIL,” the MP told the students. In a freewheeling discussion with students, the parliamentarian said that along with focus, hard work, confidence, and patience, it is important to know how to deal with the failures in life that may come along the way.

His insights at the school were welcomed with cheers by students who were eager to interact with the parliamentarian and take photographs with him. After the event was concluded, students walked up to the MP to ask for advice on various matters.

Talking about the experience of the lively interaction this afternoon, Sundare B Sangma, who teaches at the institution, said, “It is a privilege that Mr. Derek O’Brien came here. As a teacher, I’m glad that students could interact with him. Most of the speeches from other guests focus on talking about the significance of success but by speaking about failures, the MP highlighted the important role that failure plays in our lives.”

“It was an opportunity for us and the students to meet the MP and he gave a short and sweet message. The students would not have imagined that failure could be a stepping stone to success but the leader drove home the message well,” Father Andreas Panna added.

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