IIM Shillong – Second Edition of Summer School on Teaching and Research for Faculty Members of NER Concludes

IIM Shillong - Second Edition of Summer School on Teaching and Research for Faculty Members of NER Concludes

Shillong, May 13: IIM Shillong recently concluded the second edition of the Summer School on Teaching and Research, tailored exclusively for young faculty members hailing from the Northeastern region. This pioneering
initiative, organized by the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Centre for Policy Research and Analysis, IIM Shillong, aims to elevate the academic landscape of the region by nurturing the teaching and research capabilities of its faculty members. The inauguration ceremony, graced by the presence of Prof D P Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong, faculty members, and distinguished participants, marked the beginning of an inspiring journey dedicated to fostering excellence in teaching, research, and professional development.

This Initiative was started last year which witnessed participation from 39 faculty members. This year the Program witnessed participation from a cohort of 55 young faculty representing 18 higher education institutions from the Northeast region, this year’s program continues the legacy with renewed vigor and commitment. Driven by the ethos of continuous learning and growth, IIM Shillong reaffirms its dedication to empowering the academic fraternity of the region and beyond.

IIM Shillong - Second Edition of Summer School on Teaching and Research for Faculty
Members of NER Concludes

In his inaugural address, Prof D P Goyal, Director, IIM Shillong emphasized the pivotal role of faculty members in shaping the futures of the youth, highlighting teaching as one of the most noble and enriching professions. Prof Goyal emphasized the immense responsibility and sacrifice inherent in the teaching profession, noting its profound impact on students’s lives and the enduring pride it brings to educators. He commended the attendees for their commitment to professional growth and student success, urging them to embrace continuous learning and excellence in their roles.

The faculty development program, sponsored by IIM Shillong, equips participants with essential tools, strategies, and best practices to excel as educators, mentors, and leaders in academia. Through a meticulously curated curriculum, participants engage in sessions led by experienced faculty members, addressing the evolving needs and challenges of modern education while aligning with the goals of the National Education Policy 2020. With a vision to inspire a select group of torchbearers, IIM Shillong aims to foster a culture of excellence and innovation in teaching and research across the greater campus community.

The summer school serves as a platform for participants to explore new dimensions, perspectives, and techniques for enhanced engagement and delivery effectiveness in teaching and research. With sessions spanning a wide range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, commerce, management, and engineering, the program promises to be a transformative experience for all

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