IIM Shillong hosts 15th Convocation: Pass outs conferred PhD, MBA degrees

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Shillong, Apr 3: IIM Shillong, conferred Ph.D. degrees to five Doctoral Scholars whereas 281 students from the PGP-2022-24 batch, 47 students from the PGPEX batch of 2023-24, and 16 students from the PGPWE 2022-24 batch were conferred with MBA degrees during the 15th Annual Convocation on Wednesday.

The highlight of the convocation was the new convocation attire. This was inspired by the mosaic of cultures that thrives in the Northeast, and ethical and sustainable living practiced in the region, IIM Shillong partnered with the Centre of Excellence for Khadi (CoEK).

The result is body drapes, adorned in Institute hues of white, green, and yellow, reminiscent of the traditional Khasi tribal wrap, the ‘Muka’.

According to a statement from IIM Shillong, the attire innovation isn’t just a symbol of unity; it is a manifestation of the commitment to celebrate and honor cultural diversity.

In a tribute to local heritage, the IIM Shillong convocation attire is crafted from eri silk by Tamulpur Anchalik Gramdaan Sangh, the oldest Khadi institution in the Northeast, established in 1962.

Each scarf, woven with care, embodies the legacy of generations, showcasing the metamorphosis of the silk moth and the artisanal skill behind its transformation. As graduates don these scarves, they embrace a narrative of perseverance, beauty, and sustainability, becoming ambassadors of Northeastern designs on the global stage.

This initiative not only preserves endangered heritage practices but also uplifts the livelihood of local artisans. As they embark on their journeys, graduates carry a legacy of strength, beauty, and sustainability alongside their degrees.

While delivering the welcome address, the Chairman of the Board of Governors, IIM Shillong, Shishir Kumar Bajoria, quoted Swami Vivekananda’s famous words, “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”

Bajoria urged the graduating students to take on social responsibility, embrace change, and become the torchbearers of India’s economy. He also encouraged them to guard India’s rich culture and determination in pursuit of their goals.

Narayanan Kumar, Chairman, of the Group Corporate Board, the Sanmar Group, Chennai, and the Honorary Consul General of Greece in Chennai, while delivering the Convocation address as the chief guest highlighted that India has been fortunate to have been globally growing, with initiatives such as Digital India contributing to the country’s growth.

Kumar said that while many countries, are grappling with recession and other challenges, India continues to grow and emerge as a global leader.

“I firmly believe that India is the country of the decade, and I urge the students of IIM Shillong to leverage their education to contribute towards the country’s progress and make a positive impact on society,” he said.

Further he mentioned that New India offers tremendous opportunities for Young Indians to pursue dreams and achieve goals and based on their own hard work and abilities.

During his address to the gathering, Professor DP Goyal, Director IIM Shillong, mentioned that IIM Shillong has made significant progress in the year 2023-2024.

Goyal highlighted the harmonious blend of internationalization with rich Indian culture that is seen at IIM Shillong.

The Director mentioned that IIM Shillong has taken various initiatives this year, from bridging the global perspective to local impact.

Goyal mentioned that 22 MoUs has been signed with the Global Management Institutions and B-Schools.

PGP 22-24 Batch

Chairman’s Gold Medal for securing the highest CGPA: Savi Mahajan

Institute Silver Medal for securing the Second-Highest CGPA: Kolapalli Bhargav Ram

Director’s Gold Medal for Best All-Rounder: Rohan Basak

Shri Rathindra Nath Datta Gold Medal for securing the highest CGPA: Savi Mahajan

Prof Ashoke K. Dutta Gold Medal for Best All-Rounder: Rohan Basak

Institute Medal for positive contribution to campus life: Akash Tiwari

PGPEx 23-24 Batch

Chairman’s Gold Medal for securing the highest CGPA: DhavalkumarKhambholja

Director’s Gold Medal for the Best All-Rounder: Surabhi Agrawal

PGP-WE 2020-22 Batch

Chairman’s Gold Medal for securing the highest CGPA: Mukesh Sharma

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