HNYF ready to help victims of demand notes: Dkhar

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SHILLONG, JULY 31: The Hynniewtrep National Youth Front (HNYF) on Monday said it is ready to help all those, who were served with demand notes in the name of the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC).

“We request all those, who have been served with demand notes in the name of the HNLC, to come to the office of the HNYF as we are ready to help them and not just to go to the media without disclosing their details because it is difficult for us to verify,” President of the HNYF East Khasi Hills District Bless Dkhar told reporters.

His statement came a day after a small time business woman sent a letter to him via an email to one of the vernacular newspapers informing that she was served with a Rs 20 lakh demand note by one Synshar Khymdeit, who claimed himself to the HNLC area collector (East Khasi Hills & Ri Bhoi).

Dkhar said that he was shocked seeing that a letter was addressed to him by an unknown woman who only disclosed that she was a resident of Mawlai and that she had also paid some amount to Khymdeit out of fear.

He however said that the HNLC had recently issued a clarification that they are not involved in serving any extortion notes in view of the fact that the ongoing peace process between the Centre, State and the outfit has just started.

The HNYF leader said that he highly suspected the involvement of “black sheep” behind the demand notes by misusing the name of the HNLC in an attempt to derail the peace process but the HNYF is committed to take up the matter very seriously.

“At the same time, we issue a strong warning to Synshar Khymdeit and we will find out who he is. We also request the people to come forward as the HNYF is ready to extend all possible help to them but on condition that they meet us face to face. We also issue a strong warning against all those who are trying to misuse the name of the HNLC that if anything happens to them, we will not be responsible,” Dkhar said.

He further requested the victims of such demand notes to lodge FIR with the police to ensure such anti-social elements are brought to book.

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