HASA discontinued since June14: NEHU

KSU wants Prof. Sherwin May Sungoh as next NEHU VC

Shillong, June 23: The North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) has said that the Hill Area Special Allowances (HASA) has been discontinued with effect from June 14, following a direction from the President of India, who is also the Visitor of the university.
In a statement issued here on Friday, NEHU Public Relation Officer, G. Umdor said that a letter received from the MHRD’s Deputy Secretary stated that the Visitor has directed the university to comply with the direction on repealing an Ordinance on HASA and discontinuing of payment of HASA.
“Failure to comply would amount to intentional misappropriation of government funds and the person(s) who sanction the HASA and who receive the same shall be solely responsible/accountable for the same,” the statement said while quoting the letter.
The PRO also clarified that due to ‘inadvertent error’ the draft minutes of the 48th Emergent Executive Council meeting signed on May 16 was forwarded instead of the confirmed minutes signed on May 23.
“This inadvertent error has been communicated to the MHRD in which the university has expressed its regrets. The Vice-Chancellor thus owned the responsibility of any inadvertent mistake from the university. Hence, there was no deliberate design or forgery or manipulation of minutes of any kind,” Umdor said.
The teachers and students of NEHU have demanded the resignation of the incumbent Vice-Chancellor, Prof S.K. Srivastava for allegedly tampering the official minutes of the Executive Council meeting.
The NEHU Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA), that demanded retaining of HASA, has also accused the Vice-Chancellor of distorting and manipulating the minutes of the Executive Council meeting, which has devalued the sanctity and dignity of the university.

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