Group seeks investigation by central agencies into Ichamati killings

Two KSU members arrested for Ichamati incident

Shillong, Mar 30: A group under Shella-Bholaganj Block has written to the state Chief Minister Conrad Sangma seeking immediate arrest of the culprits allegedly involved in the killing of two persons in Ichamati recently.

The group – Coordination And Welfare Committee has also called for an investigation by central agencies, compensation to victims’ families, and safety of non-tribals of Ichamati and adjourning areas.

In the letter to the Chief Minister, the CWC president Gopal Dey demanded the immediate arrest of the culprits behind the murder of the two non-tribals.

“If the local police are unable (to nab) the perpetrators within a week, the investigation should be handed over to CBI/NIA,” Dey stated in the letter to Sangma.

The CWC also urged the state government to ensure that non-tribal communities are protected from violent crimes and prevent continuous attacks against the minorities of Meghalaya.

The committee also demanded a permanent security outpost manned by the CRPF or any other paramilitary forces in sensitive areas like Bholaganj and Ichamati.

The CWC also stated that strict laws should be made so that the government cannot shirk its responsibility and perpetrators are booked and do not merely remain in books as “Unknown Miscreants”.

“Take measures to address social discrimination and promote inclusivity and diversity in the state so that tribals and non-tribals can both live peacefully and harmoniously in the state,” the letter to the Chief Minister stated.

It also wants the government to provide support and assistance to non-tribal communities to enhance their socio-economic well-being and integration into Meghalayan society.

In the letter to Sangma, the CWC stated that tribal-centric political systems in Meghalaya often marginalize non-tribal voices, making it challenging for them to have a meaningful say in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

According to the group, non-tribal communities in Meghalaya often face social discrimination and exclusion, which can impact their quality of life and sense of belonging in the state.

“This discrimination can manifest in various forms, including limited access to housing, education, and employment opportunities and in extreme cases to loss of property and life itself,” the CWC stated in its letter to the Chief Minister.