Govt to meet this week or early next week to discuss roster system issue: Paul Lyngdoh 

Govt to meet this week or early next week to discuss roster system issue: Lyngdoh

SHILLONG, APR 19: Spokesperson of the MDA government Paul Lyngdoh on Wednesday informed that the MDA is going to meet at the end of this week or early next week to discuss this matter.

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “The matter is also coming up before the cabinet and an All-party meet is also being called. So at these different platforms, we will get an exchange of views and I am sure the best of views will come forward.”

On the concerns expressed in regards to the implementation of the roster system, Lyngdoh said, “That is a very valid concern so accordingly I will put my views across in the Cabinet that if at all it has to be done it can be done only prospectively one, two you can take the matter up to the Supreme Court, three, the State Assembly has the option of legislation – so which of these options or which combination of these options will work best that is entirely upto the House and the Cabinet to decide.”

“Therefore, let it come up before the cabinet. Let a cabinet memo be prepared I will study the memo and articulate my point of view in the cabinet but first let the cabinet memo be put up,” he stated.

When asked, the UDP leader said, “It is also a fact that a blunder was committed 50 years ago so how do you resolve that it is more difficult because it is an issue that has been festering for half a century so solution will not come in five days. A blunder that has been perpetuated for 50 years cannot be resolved in five days in five weeks or even five months but let it be resolved bit by bit.”

He said, “There is a lot of errors in the entire policy. For instance, giving space of two-three years for a post to be filled up means you are undermining, compromising the quality of the administration. Now if an office has to have 12 staff members and because you have to wait for two years it means that the office is running short of staff for 2-3 years – that itself is a blunder.”

Lyngdoh reminded that the UDP had in fact listed as number one on its manifesto a change of the reservation policy.

“We fielded 46 candidates and only 11 of us won. Even if you only think of the Khasi-Jaintia sector, we won 11 out of 36, minus the 10 we fielded in the Garo Hills, so it means that majority of the constituencies are not interested in any change of the reservation policy.”

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