Govt should fix responsibility for unsafe drinking water to 44 localities in Shillong: VPP MLA

VPP expels two more members from its ranks for indiscipline

SHILLONG, OCT 5: Opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) legislator from North Shillong Adelbert Nongrum on Wednesday demanded the state government to fix responsibility for the supply of unsafe drinking water to residents of 44 localities in Shillong city.

In a statement, Nongrum said, “This is an irresponsible act by the concerned authority and this needs to be condemned by all.”

He expressed appreciation to the steps taken by the FKJGP in getting the quality of water supplied in 46 localities tested. He said through such action, a report of the State Food Testing Laboratory Commissionerate of Food Safety, Pasteur Hills, Shillong which declared water supplied in 44 localities as unsafe for consumption was made public.

He said such revelations only indicate that there is a loophole in the department concerned. The MLA further alleged that as per reliable sources, the department does not have a water analyst or a chief chemist for certifying the water quality.

“If the department fails to tackle this problem, then responsibility has to be fixed,” Nongrum added.

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