Govt need to tread very cautiously on reservation, roster issue: Ampareen

Thangskai village & JSU seeks disqualification of MBBS student for not being a permanent resident of the village

SHILLONG, MAY 15: Spokesperson of the MDA government Ampareen Lyngdoh on Monday said the state government will take its own time to decide on the reservation policy and implementation of the roster system.

Speaking to media persons, Lyngdoh said, “This is a matter which is very, very sensitive. We must tread very cautiously. It is fine if the members of the opposition put this pressure on us but we will take our time in deciding how to take this forward.”

When asked on the 48 hours ultimatum served by the VPP, the cabinet minister said, “I cannot speak on behalf of the government per se on this matter but individually I would believe that the MDA-2 is working hard towards partnering, discussion and dialoguing with all partners firstly in government across the board and subsequently with political parties, NGOs, student organizations.”

“The chief minister is expected to come to the station by tomorrow, maximum by day after tomorrow. Surely, there is a plan that we have in our mind and yes we are going to take up the issue. It is not that we are dodging discussion over the issue. We are taking it up if we are not going to be put under pressure by anyone because this is a very, very delicate matter, I don’t want to see it going wrong,” she said.

Lyngdoh said that the government needs to make sure that stakeholders are taken on board before taking a decision on the matter.

“We will take suggestions from everyone, we will make sure that these suggestions are looked at technically and we will take up anything that is going to be positive and constructive in further decision making in this matter,” she said.

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