Govt declares Khyndailad as pedestrian zone

Lyngdoh meets Switzerland officials to implement ropeway project as per European standard

SHILLONG, APR 19: Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh on Wednesday said the government is committed to declare Khyndailad as a pedestrian zone.

“Our commitment will be to have at least one pedestrian zone immediately and that is Khyndailad. I also had a meeting with the chief minister and he is fully in line with the need to declare Khyndailad as a pedestrian zone…,” Lyngdoh told reporters.

He said some access to local residents which will be on the basis of car passes will be issued but the entire area will be pedestrianized.

According to him, the people who suffered most in Shillong are pedestrians as you have hawkers, you have motorists using every way and there is limited scope for people to walk around.

The minister further informed that they have already started declaration of parts of Shillong as no honking zones.

“We are in the process. The district administration and the police are in constant touch and from the tourism department, we already started by declaring Orchid, Umiam as no honking zone and similarly other units of the tourism department will also be declared as no honking zones because the USP of Meghalaya is the serenity, the quiet which is disturbed by loud honking and loud music which sometimes carries beyond permissible hours,” he added.

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