Government constituted Consultative Committee on Covid-19 makes recommendations to tackle the pandemic

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Shillong, May 30: The consultative committee constituted for Covid-19 with the Chief Secretary as the Chairman and Theilin Phanbuh, R. L Blah, Rev. S.S. Majaw, Fr. Richard Majaw, Naba Bhattacharjee, Babeth Sangma and Dr. Sandra Albert as members recently met.

The Committee deliberated on three key issues of grave concern – the rising number of deaths, vaccine hesitancy and misinformation particularly in social media.

The Committee made the following recommended the need to increase awareness about the COVID-19 virus variant in the second wave which is much more infectious and virulent.

The Committee aslo recommended the need to provide a clear messaging channel for all government protocols and to effectively counter various myths and misinformation circulating in social media.

The Committee also felt the need to have closer coordination with the Dorbar Shnongs /Headmen and motivate Community Covid Management Team (CCMT) members to have their full support in the fight against COVID-19 and also sought the support of churches and other religious institutions to sensitize citizens on COVID-19 appropriate behaviour as well as the importance of vaccination.

The Committee also recommended to seek the services of renowned doctors to disseminate information on the importance of seeking timely treatment as well as removing misconceptions about vaccination.

“More stringent punitive provisions against violators of COVID-19 protocols and better enforcement,” the Committee recommended.

The Committee also recommended the creation of additional CCCs and Isolation Centres for those who do not have proper space for home isolation.

The Committee also decided to co-opt community leaders from other districts as well as medical professionals and to meet frequently for better community mobilization in the efforts to contain the second wave of COVID-19.

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