GHADC: Governor’s queries on lifting of Administrator’s Rule referred to Law Dept

Shillong, June 30:  District Council Affairs minister, Prestone Tynsong said that the state government has referred the queries of the Governor on the need to withdraw administrator’s rule from the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) to the State Law Department.

Talking to media persons here on Friday, Tynsong said that queries of the Governor required thorough examination before taking to the cabinet again for consideration. 

The state government had earlier decided to revoke the two months administrator rule imposed in April this year in GHADC in order to allow the formation of a new executive committee.

Refusing to divulge queries of the Governor, the minister said that the matter was under the perusal of the law department. 

It may be mentioned that the state cabinet had on on June 15, approved the proposal to withdraw the Administrator’s Rule  which was imposed after the then Executive Committee of the NPP-GNC-BJP alliance led by Denang T Sangma as the Chief Executive Member (CEM) collapsed. 

Regarding a petition submitted by the opposition MDCs of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) on alleged manipulation of the Council’s chairman in the just concluded budget session, the minister said that the petition was being examined before taking any decision.

According to Tynsong, it is not wise for the state government to take for granted whatever the opposition MDCs claimed as the matter has to be legally examined.

He also rubbished the allegation of Nongkrem MDC, HS Shylla that the state government was proposing to impose Administrator’s Rule in the KHADC.

“Is Shylla the one who is holding the post of DCA minister for him to make such announcement? I am surprised at his childish imagination,” Tynsong said.






Shillong, June 30: The village dorbar of Shella has asked the Special Purpose Vehicle Committee (SPVC) to abide by the Supreme Court ruling with regards to implementation of developmental schemes.  

In a letter to SPVC chairman, Y Tsering, who is also the chief secretary, village executive member, Roy Kupar Synrem said, “We request you to address our grievances and concerns at the earliest so that we will be able to ensure that developmental works in the village will start soon for the well being of our community.”

The SPVC was constituted as per the ruling of the Supreme Court for implementing various developmental schemes in the areas falling within the Lafarge mining area at Nongtrai village.

 Synrem said after 2014, no new projects have been undertaken by the SPV Society in Shella village or any other core areas.

“The respective Dorbars have a keen expectation that villages should be developed in health, economy, irrigation and agriculture solely for the local community and welfare of tribals as mandated by the Supreme Court in its order April 2, 2010,” he said.

He further stated that as per information received, the Annual Work Plan (2017- 2018) of the SPV Society has been discussed and approved by the Board of directors since September 2016.

“Although officials of various line departments have visited our villages for survey of livelihood programs, infrastructure development, tourism, water supply, protection of the river banks, roads etc, these projects are yet to take off since the committee has not released the money to the SPV Society,” he said.

“There are some final installments for ongoing projects such as Stadium at Pyrkan, community halls etc. are yet to be released even after submission of Utilization Certificates because of dearth of funds with the SPV Society,” Synrem said.

Meanwhile, the village dorbar also sought clarification on the status of its demand to elevate the livelihood of the people of the affected areas by ensuring that the line departments give first preference to individuals or groups from within the core villages to take up such developmental works.

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