Father did not have a knife, says son

Father did not have a knife, says son

Shillong, Aug 13: Grainy Ferrous Greenfield Diengdoh son of ex-HNLC militant, Cheristerfield Thangkhiew who was killed in a retaliatory firing by police in the wee hours of Friday said that his father did not have a knife as claimed by authorities.

Grainy said that, in the floor where they used to sleep there are only bedrooms and the ground floor houses the kitchen where the knife is kept.

“I looked at the floor and there was no knife,” the son said.

He said that the police forcibly entered their house when all were asleep and pulled him and his younger brother from the beds and made them lie on the floor with their faces covered after which they were assaulted.

The police had said that Thangkhiew’s two sons were taken by police for verification.

According to Grainy, both of them later in the day were being transported to Khliehriat but they returned midway after the police personnel received a phone call.

He said that, they were brought back to Shillong after the police learnt that they were the slain former militant’s sons.

“Initially they thought we were his (Thangkhiew’s) personal security guards,” Grainy added.

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