FASTOM prods government to hike salaries of Adhoc teachers

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Shillong, Jan 11: The Federation of All School Teachers of Meghalaya on Tuesday (FASTOM) has urged the State government to invite them for talks and officially record the proceedings.

According to FASTOM, president, Kenneth Shadap, on September 27, 2021 Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma had invited them for a discussion but unfortunately it was only a verbal meeting.

“We want official meeting with official recording but there was no official recording but only verbal,” Shadap said.

According to him, at that particular meeting, the Chief Minister had told the delegation of FASTOM that it was not possible to give deficit system.

“…so we have atleast requested him to give deficit pattern,” Shadap said.

On Tuesday, the FASTOM in a letter to the State government stated that due to the Covid-19 situation and the financial crisis face by the Government therefore they are ready to comprise on their demand through an offical dialogue on what the Government can do and what the it cannot do.

“The Government should also understand the present situations of the Adhoc school teachers in the whole State of Meghalaya in which essential commodities of all items have been increasing day by day while the meager salaries of the Adhoc Teachers are still remaining the same since 2016 till January 2022 without any increment in the last five years,” Shadap said.

He asked how can the Adhoc School Teachers survive and support their families for their children’s school fees, house rents , electricity bills, high transportation rate and most importantly no medical reimbursement.

According to him adhoc teachers have completely lost their identity and dignity in the society.

“A teacher who is known as a Nation Builder but in our State of Meghalaya adhoc teachers are still in a miserable condition,” Shadap said.

The FASTOM president also said that on December 22, 2021, he had written to Ramdas Athawale, Union Minister of State to urge the State government to give into their demands.

On December 23, 2021, Athawale in his reply to the letter from FASTOM forwarded the letter to the Chief Minister.

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