Environmental Issue: Police Issued an Advisory Notice

Shillong, Aug. 23: The Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills District has advised all citizens to keep order on public roads, streets and all the tourist spots in East Khasi Hills District and desist from causing obstruction, injury or annoyance to passerby, or cause pollution and littering in any public roads and tourist spot in East Khasi Hills District.

Any person not obeying the lawful orders issued, is liable to be arrested u/s 102 of the Meghalaya Police Act, 2010 and on conviction by a Court of law, shall be liable to a fine of Rs. 5000/-. All tourists visiting the tourist spots are advised to carry “Garbage Bags” in their vehicles where small garbage like wrappers, chip covers, water bottles etc. can be dumped and finally those garbage bags be dumped/thrown in appropriate dustbins/garbage bins.

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