EKH district administration meet stakeholders to ensure better treatment of animals used for consumption.

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Shillong, Jun 15: The East Khasi Hills district administration, on Wednesday convened a meeting with all stakeholders to ensure better treatment of animals to be used for consumption.

The meeting with stakeholders like Shillong Municipal Board, Hima Mylliem, Food Safety Commissioner, and representatives of Butchers’ Association was held to brief on the constitution of the Animal Market Monitoring Committee and Animal Market Committee.

The objective of the Committee is to ensure that meat sellers and vendors comply with Section 18 to Rule 25 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulations of Livestock Markets) Rules 2017 pertaining to sale of live animals.

The administration also said that an awareness campaign shall be organized by the Committee for enforcement of the Act.

According to the district administration, as per the aforesaid order of the High Court and also the Food Safety & Standards Act 2006/Food Safety & Standard Rules and Regulations 2011, Meat Sellers/Vendors are not to display meat or part of the meat openly either by hanging or keeping in front of the shop without covering in order to avoid contamination and health hazards.

“Sensitization of all concerned in this matter will be taken up by the East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner along with the Shillong Municipal Board and Food Safety Commissionerate,” the district administration said in a press note.

The district administration also instructed the Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety to disseminate information and provide training on alternative methods of display of meat, including storage in glass-covered enclosures to prevent multiple contact by buyers and swarming of flies.

The Committee also encouraged the Butchers’ Association and meat vendors to not use plastic bags for sale of meat products and to request that buyers bring their own carry bags.

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